Supervisors & Employers

Supervisors & Employers

​​​Supervisors and employers are defined as anyone Supervisor with clipboard, pen and blue coveralls speaks to young female worker in blue coveralls and safety glassesin a position of authority over workers. We know that young workers look to their managers, supervisors, forepersons, or anyone else responsible for overseeing their work, to set the example for how to do their job safely.

Did you know?

  • Supervisors and employers have a legal responsibility to provide training and orientation to all workers starting a new job or taking on new tasks.
  • Supervisors and employers have the greatest influence when it comes to ensuring the safety of young workers, even more than family.
  • Ways you can keep your young workers safe at work include:
    • making sure you yourself are demonstrating and modelling safe work practices
    • encouraging your young workers to ask questions and be proactive about safety
    • making young workers aware of any hazards related to their job and how to perform their work safely
    • being open to feedback to help make the workplace safer.

No supervisor or employer ever wants to be the one to have to inform a worker's family that their loved one has been injured at work. Take the time to make safety a priority in your workplace and keep your workers safe.  

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