Roof work is a task at a worksite where roofing material is repaired, applied to or removed from a building or structure. Roof work can generally be described and put into two categories: residential and flat. While each includes different processes, the hazards present and controls required to ensure worker and public safety are similar.

Employers must ensure that the structure of the building is assessed and evaluated to determine if it is capable of withstanding the loads that will be or are likely to be imposed on the roof, including the loads resulting from the workers, and the equipment and materials they use.

Part 31 (Roof Work) of the Workplace Safety and Health Regulation requires an employer to develop and implement safe work procedures for roof work, train workers on the safe work procedures and ensure workers comply with the safe work procedures.

Conducting a comprehensive pre-job risk assessment, developing a work plan and putting safe work procedures in place before work starts are important controls to minimize the risks associated with roof work.

Considerations for a pre-job risk assessment/plan include:

  • area and building/structure risk assessment
  • site set-up and illustration
  • first aid services, supplies and emergency requirements
  • public protection (if required)
  • site-specific procedures as per risk assessment
  • roof plan
  • fall protection plan (for example: anchor point locations, roof access locations, rescue plan, etc. Please s​ee the Fall Protection Guide​ for more information.)
  • tool and material storage and use
  • hoisting systems and equipment
  • fire protection
  • electrical and other utilities
  • waste equipment and disposal
  • vehicle safety
  • material handling
  • environmental factors
  • health hazards and harmful substances
  • falling objects
  • contractor coordination (if applicable).​


Check out our Sho​p​ Talk and safe work pr​​ocedure on roofing. Below the FAQs are more resources related to roofing.

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