Occupational safety and health legislation makes it mandatory for employers and supervisors to eliminate hazards at their source, and if this is neither possible nor practical, to require their workers to wear the appropriate protective equipment. In the case of head protection, it's critical to pick headwear that is designed to protect against existing hazards. The type of protective headwear will depend on the type of industry, as this will determine the type of hazards encountered, as well as the direction from which those hazards may come. Protective headwear is most commonly used in industrial construction, mining, utility, manufacturing and forestry sectors.

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Check out our bulleti​n and safe work procedure template on headwear. (Below the FAQs are more resources​ related to headwear.)

Bulletin 199: Protective Headwear on Construction Project Sites    Safe Work Procedure Template: Ensuring Proper Fit and Care of Protective Headwear  

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