Getting Started - Employers

Getting Started - Employers

​​​I want my workplace to be psychologically healthy and safe... 

Both employers and safety and health ​committees can benefit from incorporating guidelines set out in the Standard into an existing health and safety management system. Simply put, the aim of the Standard is to improve productivity, financial performance, risk management, recruitment and retention. Consider psychological health and safety as an integral part of all your operations from hiring to training and from managing performance to managing change. 
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Safety and health committees should also consider the workplace hazards and safety measures that may impact the psychological health and safety of workers.
The following information can help get you started:

Build your business case

There are a number of reasons employers should assess and address the psychological health and safety of their workplace:
  • There are current and emerging legal and regulatory mandates that articulate employer responsibilities in this area. Review the Shain Report for more information.
  • There are compelling financial incentives for employers to reduce costs and improve the bottom line.
  • There is scientific and practical evidence of the impact of workplace factors on employee mental health.
Guarding Minds @ Work™ has valuable tips about the argument for addressing psychological health and safety varies across sectors, regions, companies and teams or branches within organizations.

Planning and Implementing

There are a number of important steps to consider to help plan and facilitate the successful implementation of a psychological health and safety management system, such as:
  • Review the Standard
  • Make a Commitment 
  • Identify a Champion
  • Identify Gaps in your Organization
  • Actively Involve Employees
  • Develop a Policy Statement
  • Communicate your Commitment
  • Assess the workplace hazards / needs
  • Develop a strategy
  • Integrate with Existing H&S Programs
  • Implement the Strategy
  • Evaluate​
The free resources listed below are aligned with the framework of the Standard to assist you in integrating a psychological health and safety program for your organization: 

Video Testimonials

Organizations across Canada are promoting workplace wellness and improving psychological health and safety in their workplace by adopting the Standard. Watch some of the video testimonials put together by MHCC. 
SAFE Work Manitoba has made all reasonable attempts to confirm the information that appears on the Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace section of our website is accurate and up-to-date. However, the information is a guide for general information purposes only and may require amendments from time to time. SAFE Work Manitoba cannot assume responsibility or liability for reliance by the third-parties referenced in this section.
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