Getting Started – Committees

Getting Started – Committees

​​​For Safety and Health Committees

Both employers and safety and health committees can benefit from incorporating guidelines set out in the Standard into an existing health and safety management system. Ideally, the safety and health committee should be actively involved throughout the development and implementation of the psychological health and safety management system, and should consider the workplace hazards and safety measures that may impact the psychological health and safety of workers. 
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 As part of their involvement, the Safety and Health Committee should:
  • Articulate the committee’s mandate as it relates to workplace psychological health and safety.
  • Become familiar with the factors that impact psychological health and safety in the workplace.
  • Be involved in the workplace assessment of psychological health and safety and the planning to address concerns. See Guarding Minds @ Work™ for more information.
  • Bring forward workplace psychological health and safety issues and make recommendations for improvements
  • Track and communicate the results of psychological health and safety-related activities. 
  • Help reduce stigma related to mental illness by supporting workplace education, training, and resources. 
  • Train committee members in psychological health and safety and/or mental health first aid  
  • Focus on overall workplace psychological health and safety issues rather than individual worker mental health concerns. 
  • Help foster and contribute to an environment that is psychologically healthy and safe.

Video Testimonials

Organizations across Canada are promoting workplace wellness and improving psychological health and safety in their workplace by adopting the Standard. Watch some of the video testimonials put together by MHCC. 

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