Emergency Washing Facilities

​​​Irritating, corrosive and hazardous substances are used in many workplaces. Accidental exposure to these substances in any form can lead to skin irritation and burns, temporary or permanent vision impairment, or blindness. Emergency washing equipment is designed to function quickly and effectively under a set of typical circumstances.

Types of emergency wash equipment include:

  • emergency shower
  • eyewash equipment
  • eye/face wash equipment
  • combination shower and eyewash units

In Manitoba, employers must provide and maintain emergency washing equipment in a workplace where hazardous, irritating or corrosive substances are used. Part 21 of the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulations addresses emergency washing facilities and determines duties, locations, training and the use of personal eyewash units. Regulations are determined in accordance with American National Standards Institute ANSI/IS​EA Standard Z358.1-2​​​014 for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment along with the equipment manufacturer's specifications​.

Check out our Shop Talk and bulletin on emergency washing facilities. (Below the FAQ are more resources related to emergency washing facilities.)

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