Safety Culture Toolkit

Safety Culture Toolkit

​​​​​​​Workplace CultureReducing workplace injuries and illness and building a strong safety culture are two important objectives of SAFE Work Manitoba.

A strong safety culture in Manitoba will help ensure a strong and sustained emphasis on safety and health for generations to come. We believe that making safety a core component of an organization's and of society's culture will help prevent injuries for a lifetime. 

What is Safety Culture?

This infographic explains safety culture for Manitoba - what it is now and the next steps. Download the PDF​.​​

*The safety culture information found in this section will help you:

  • learn about safety culture in Manitoba
  • assess safety culture in your workplace
  • discover ways to improve your workplace's safety culture

Background Information

SAFE Work Manitoba worked with the Institute for Work and Health (IWH) and Manitoba safety and health stakeholders to define and describe safety culture for Manitoba. 

A report created by the IWH provides information on the background, research and process considered in developing the definition of "safety culture," as well as the definition’s alignment with SAFE Work Manitoba programs, including SAFE Work Certified, industry-based safety programs, prevention incentive, education and social marketing programs. Download the IWH report to learn more.

*Please visit this Safety Culture section of our website often as we continue to add more information, tools and resources.

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