SAFE Work Certified Roles

SAFE Work Certified Roles

​​​​​​​Certifying Partners

A number of safety associations and Industry Based Safety Program providers (IBSPs) have signed agreements with SAFE Work Manitoba to become Certifying Partners (CPs). Their role is to work closely with your organization to guide and support you through the SAFE Work Certified process. Any employer choosing to become SAFE Work Certified will be required to work with a CP to do so. Current CPs include:






If your industry is not currently associated with one of the above CPs, please contact SAFE Work Manitoba:

Phone: 204-957-SAFE (7233) or toll free: 1-855-957-SAFE (7233)

SAFE Work Manitoba is also working to establish new CPs in other industries. As these are added, SAFE Work Manitoba will provide updates to this webpage.

SAFE Work Certified Auditors

  • SAFE Work Certified auditors undergo an accreditation process through SAFE Work Manitoba, and in partnership with the CP for which they will be conducting SAFE Work Certified audits.
  • All SAFE Work Certified audits must be conducted by a SAFE Work Certified auditor. The SAFE Work Certified auditors must be external to SAFE Work Manitoba and work with the CPs to conduct the SAFE Work Certified audits.
  • As part of the SAFE Work Certified process, your organization will undergo an audit each year, however, only the initial certification audit and the re-certification audit every three years must be conducted by a SAFE Work Certified auditor.

Maintenance Auditors

  • In years two and three of your certification, your organization will also conduct maintenance audits which will be completed by a maintenance auditor.
  • The maintenance auditor for your organization is one, or more, of your employees who has attended the Auditing for Certification (Maintenance Auditor) course offered through your CP.
  • If your organization does not have a trained maintenance auditor, you can engage a SAFE Work Certified auditor to conduct your maintenance audits.
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