Process SAFE Work Certified Applications

Process SAFE Work Certified Applications

Certifying partners (CPs) are to ensure employers have access to the SAFE Work Certified Application. This may be provided to employers via email, made available on the CP's website, or employers can be directed to the application form on the SAFE Work Manitoba website.

To process the SAFE Work Certified application form:

  • Confirm the employer is aligned with your industry-based safety program (IBSP). If their industry code is not aligned, contact your SAFE Work Manitoba portfolio leader. 
  • Ensure the application has been completed properly by the employer and is in Excel format.
  • Maintain a copy of each completed SAFE Work Certified application for your records as SAFE Work Manitoba may conduct quality assurance periodically for the SAFE Work Certified program.
  • Email* copies of completed SAFE Work Certified applications within one business day to Subject line: SWC Application - <Employer's Operating Name>

While additions can be made to the application form, if there is other information you require to support your own processes, the existing fields and layout cannot be modified.

*Please refer to the Privacy Policy #8 Safeguarding Personal Information when sending emails.

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