Prevention Rebate

Prevention Rebate


The Prevention Rebate Program reduces the risk of workplace injury and illness by rewarding employers who have developed and maintained meaningful workplace safety and health management systems. The effectiveness of an employer's safety and health management system is measured through their participation in an industry-based safety program that meets the standards of the SAFE Work Certified Program.

SAFE Work Manitoba administers the Prevention Rebate Program, determines employer eligibility and issues the prevention rebate. Certified employers who have met all criteria are eligible for the prevention rebate.

Eligible employers can typically expect to receive their prevention rebate the month following their certification anniversary date.


Eligibility Criteria

The primary criteria an employer must meet to receive the prevention rebate is to be certified by a certifying partner. Contact a certifying partner for more information.

Once certified, an employer must meet the following eligibility criteria to receive the prevention rebate:

  • Ensure certification is not under review.
  • Complete and submit a maintenance or recertification audit.
  • Complete the rebate eligibility period. An employer's rebate eligibility period is the 12-month period starting from their certification anniversary date.
  • Comply with safety and health legislation. An employer must not have received any administrative penalties or convictions during the eligibility period.
  • Maintain an active WCB account.
  • Complete WCB annual payroll reporting (including actual payroll and total hours worked) and ensure no prior payroll reporting has been missed. Note: this is not required for employers carrying personal coverage only.

Please see the Prevention Rebate Policy​ for more information.

Rebate Calculation

Eligible employers will receive a rebate of the greatest of 15 per cent of their premium or $3,000, to a maximum of 75 per cent of their premium.

For example, an eligible employer who paid $4,000 in premiums for a given year would receive a $3,000 rebate, representing 75 per cent of their premiums. An eligible employer who paid $100,000 in premiums for a given year, would receive a rebate of $15,000, or 15 per cent of their premiums.

The premium used to calculate the prevention rebate is the net amount after any safety levy has been collected or safety program discount applied on behalf of an industry-based safety program.

The rebate will be calculated using the actual payroll associated with the rebate eligibility period and will not be based on estimated payroll. The year of the rebate eligibility period start date is the actual payroll year used to calculate the prevention rebate. For example, if an employer's rebate eligibility period is October 10, 2017 to October 9, 2018, the actual payroll for 2017 is used to calculate the prevention rebate.


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