Prepare Employers for a SAFE Work Certified Audit

Prepare Employers for a SAFE Work Certified Audit

The following activities will be required for an employer to become SAFE Work Certified.

Certifying partners (CPs) should work with their member employers to determine how to best support them. Please also reference the SAFE Work Certified Standards and Procedures for additional information to support your member employers through the SAFE Work Certified audit process.

Provide training

SAFE Work Manitoba's training standards have already been incorporated into your own curriculum of courses. The following are guidelines only related to training standards and recommended training participants. Part of your responsibilities concerning training will include:

  • helping employers identify the appropriate staff from their organization to participate in each of the courses you, as their CP, will be delivering
  • maintaining attendance records for all participants for all courses using the SAFE Work Certified Training Participation Data template
  • delivering the four required courses SAFE Work Manitoba has approved for SAFE Work Certified.

The four required courses and their standards include:

Principles of Workplace Safety and Health Management

Intended course participants:

  • senior management
  • persons accountable for, and who have authority over, safety and health in the workplace
  • persons responsible for conducting maintenance audits.

Safety and Health Leadership

Intended course participants:

  • persons who are in charge of a workplace
  • persons who have authority in a workplace.

Worker Participation in Safety and Health Certification

Intended course participants:

  • workplace safety and health committee worker co-chairs
  • workplace safety and health worker representatives.

Auditing For Certification (Maintenance Auditor)

Intended course participants:

  • workers responsible for conducting maintenance audits.

NOTE: please obtain a signed copy of the Auditor Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct form for all participants that complete this course.

Following the completion of each Auditing for Certification (Maintenance Auditor) course:

  • complete the Maintenance Auditor Data Template
  • assign each maintenance auditor a unique ID, as per the instructions in the Excel spreadsheet
  • communicate the unique ID to each maintenance auditor.
  • use the following naming convention for naming the electronic copies of the Auditor Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct for each participant:      
    • FirstName_LastName_COE (for Code of Ethics)
  • Maintain a copy of the Maintenance Auditor Tracking Template Excel spreadsheet.

Additional courses

In addition to the required courses for SAFE Work Certified, as a CP, you may offer a Workplace Safety and Health Committee and Worker Representative course to your members, for which SAFE Work Manitoba has created a training standard. A component of this course could include the Worker Participation in Safety and Health Certification course.

Assist with employers' safety and health management system

  • Work with your member employers to help them establish or evaluate their safety and health management system. Tools to do this may include:
    • gap analysis
    • preparatory audits.


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