Manage Maintenance Audits

Manage Maintenance Audits

As a certifying partner (CP), you are responsible for educating certified employers about their responsibility to complete annual maintenance audits and ensuring they have a current copy of the maintenance audit. As a certifying partner, you are also responsible for conducting quality assurance on all submitted maintenance audits.

Employers must conduct their maintenance audits before their certification anniversary date, but no earlier than six months from their previous audit in order to be eligible for the prevention rebate.

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Perform quality assurance on maintenance audits

  • Review the maintenance audit file to ensure it is complete and accurate.
  • Review the action plan that is submitted with the maintenance audit file.
  • Confirm the maintenance auditor who conducted the maintenance audit has completed the Training Standard - Auditing For Certification (Maintenance Auditor). If an employer does not have a maintenance auditor, they can engage a SAFE Work Certified auditor through their CP to complete their maintenance audit.
  • Advise the maintenance auditor if they have met the maintenance audit requirements within 10 business days of receiving their completed maintenance audit files.
  • Work with the maintenance auditor to resolve any issues or concerns related to the maintenance audit, and if there are changes needed, have the maintenance auditor update the maintenance audit file prior to sending it to SAFE Work Manitoba.

Maintain records

  • Maintain a copy of each submitted maintenance audit and action plan for your records, as SAFE Work Manitoba may periodically conduct quality assurance for the SAFE Work Certified Program.

Email a copy of maintenance audit file to SAFE Work Manitoba

  • Email* a copy of the maintenance audit file to with the subject heading: Maintenance Audit Complete - <Employer's Operating Name>
    NOTE: this email must be received by SAFE Work Manitoba prior to the last business day of the month of the employer's certification anniversary date to be eligible for prevention rebate (see 90-day grace period extension information below).

Action plans

  • Receive action plan from employer with the completed maintenance audit file.

Ninety-day grace period extension requests

  • In extenuating circumstances, a CP may grant an extension to an employer of up to 90 days to complete their maintenance audit. This extension period begins the first day of the month following the month of the employer's certification anniversary date. For example, if the certification date is September 15, 2017, then the extension period would begin October 1 and end December 30.
  • The employer must send their CP a request for an extension. As their CP, you have first-hand knowledge of the validity of the issues or concerns the employer may have concerning their ability to meet their certification anniversary date deadline.
  • The provision of the extension, and its duration (not to exceed 90 days), is at the CP's discretion. However, any extension must be communicated to SAFE Work Manitoba by:
    • Sending an email* to with the subject line: Extension Approved - <Employer's Operating Name>
    • Include in the email the approved duration of the extension that has been granted and a brief rationale for the provision of the grace period.
  • If the employer does not complete their maintenance audit within the 90-day extension period, they will lose their SAFE Work Certified status and will be ineligible for the prevention rebate.
*Please refer to the Privacy Policy #8 Safeguarding Personal Information when sending emails.
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