Manage SAFE Work Certified Auditors

Manage SAFE Work Certified Auditors

As a certifying partner (CP), you are responsible for developing a network of SAFE Work Certified auditors (auditors) to conduct SAFE Work Certified audits for your members.

The following information (click each to expand) outlines the processes and requirements for helping your auditors obtain and maintain their SAFE Work Certified accreditation.

NOTE: Prospective auditors are not SAFE Work Certified auditors until they are aligned with a CP and have completed industry supplement training.

Co-ordinate auditor training

  • Register prospective auditors for the SAFE Work Certified Auditor Training Course by contacting Safety Services Manitoba:
  • Provide auditors with industry-supplement training following their completion of the SAFE Work Certified Auditor Training Course.
  • Email* a list of all participants who have completed the industry-supplement training to with the subject line 'Industry Supplement Complete', including the following information:
    • date of course
    • name of instructor
    • names of participants
    • SAFE Work Certified auditor certificate number, as provided by SAFE Work Manitoba on the certificate of completion given to individuals who successfully complete the SAFE Work Certified Auditor Training Course.
  • Maintain a record of all participants.

Ensure auditors maintain SAFE Work Certified accreditation

  • Track and maintain data related to your auditors' accreditation:
    • participation in all training
    • participation in SAFE Work Manitoba forums
    • number of SAFE Work Certified audits conducted.
  • Ensure that an auditor does not conduct two consecutive audits for the same employer and conducts a minimum of one audit per year.
  • Provide coaching/mentoring for your auditors' continuous professional development.

Keep SAFE Work Manitoba informed

  • Ensure all documents referencing the auditor conducting audit activities include the auditor's certificate number provided by SAFE Work Manitoba on his or her certificate of completion for the SAFE Work Certified Auditor Training Course. 
  • Email* any changes related to auditor information to with the subject line 'Update for SWCA' and indicate what information has changed.
*Please refer to the Privacy Policy #8 Safeguarding Personal Information when sending emails.
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