Certifying Partner Forms and Tools

Certifying Partner Forms and Tools

​​​​​​​​In addition to the Employer Forms, the following forms and tools will help support your work as a certifying partner (CP):

  • Action Plan Template
    The Action Plan Template, completed by the employer, addresses weaknesses identified during the audit process, as well as describes actions to be taken to address these weaknesses, expected outcomes and timelines.

  • Audit Framework
    This document provides the framework for reviewing a safety and health management system in preparation for SAFE Work Certified certification.

  • Audit Quality Assurance Review Record
    An Audit Quality Assurance Review Record is completed by the CP for all audits received to ensure proper completion and adherence to auditing standards and protocols.

  • Audit Requisition
    This document is completed by the CP and provided to the SAFE Work Certified auditor to request an audit be completed for an employer.

  • Maintenance Auditor Data Template
    Sample template for recording maintenance auditor information.

  • SAFE Work Certified Audit Timeline
    This document outlines service level agreements for completing the SAFE Work Certified audit process.

  • SAFE Work Certified Training Participant Data Template
    Sample template for recording information for SAFE Work Certified training participants.
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Audit tools - industry specific:

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