Employer Forms

Employer Forms

Apply to the SAFE Work Certified Program

  • Become SAFE Work Certified​
    This document outlines the process and steps employers will need to follow to become SAFE Work Certified.

  • SAFE Work Certified Application
    The SAFE Work Certified Application is completed by an organization seeking to become SAFE Work Certified. It determines eligibility and provides detailed company information to the certifying partner (CP).

Request an audit

  • Audit ​​​Application
    The Audit Application is completed by an organization and submitted to the CP in order to request a SAFE Work Certified audit.

  • Action Plan Template 
    The Action Plan Template is completed once a SAFE Work Certified audit, SAFE Work Certified recertification audit or a maintenance audit is completed.

Prepare for your audits

Important: When completing a maintenance audit through a Certifying Partner, please use the maintenance audit tool found under Certifying Partner Forms and Tools. Go to https://www.safemanitoba.com/safe-work-certified/Pages/Forms-and-Tools.aspx. Scroll to the bottom and click the link that corresponds to your Certifying Partner.

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