Conduct Annual Maintenance Audits

Conduct Annual Maintenance Audits

​Employers are required to conduct maintenance audits each year that a SAFE Work Certified audit or recertification is not being conducted.

The maintenance audit is a prerequisite for maintaining SAFE Work Certified status. Maintenance audits are also a requirement to be eligible for the prevention rebate, which is the greater of 15 per cent of your last WCB premium, or $3,000 for smaller employers, to a maximum of 75 per cent of your WCB premium.

Read more about eligibility for the Prevention Reb​ate Program here.

Maintenance auditor

  • The maintenance auditor is an employee of your organization who has attended the Auditing for Certification (Maintenance Auditor) course offered through your certifying partner (CP).
  • Your maintenance auditor must have received this training prior to conducting a maintenance audit.
  • If your organization does not have a trained maintenance auditor, you can engage a SAFE Work Certified auditor to conduct your maintenance audit(s) through your CP.

Timing of your maintenance audit

  • Complete your annual maintenance audit. This can be completed as early as six months after your certification or re-certification, and no later than your certification anniversary date.

Conducting the maintenance audit

  • Download a copy of the most recent version of the SAFE Work Certified Maintenance Audit Tool.
  • Complete your maintenance audit. This must be done by a maintenance auditor that has attended the Auditing for Certification (Maintenance Auditor) course or by a SAFE Work Certified auditor.
  • Email your completed maintenance audit file, which will include your action plan, to your CP.


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