Manage SAFE Work Certified Audits

Manage SAFE Work Certified Audits

​​This is a list of steps and tasks required for managing SAFE Work Certified audits. Click on each to read the details.

Manage SAFE Work Certified audit applications

  • ​Email or direct employer to complete the Audit Application.
  • Receive the completed Audit Application from employer.
  • Maintain a copy of the Audit Application for your records.
  • Submit a copy of the Audit Application, as part of the certification recommendation package, to SAFE Work Manitoba once the audit is completed.​​​​


Manage SAFE Work Certified audits

  • Send an Audit Requisition to the SAFE Work Certified auditor (auditor) chosen to complete the audit, along with the completed Audit Application.
  • Assist the auditor with audit activities, if required.
  • Receive an emailed copy of the preliminary audit file from the auditor.
  • Email the Auditor Evaluation link via Survey Monkey to the employer within one business day of receiving the preliminary audit file from the auditor.
  • Use the Audit Quality Assurance Review Record to conduct quality assurance on the preliminary audit file.
  • Email* the certification recommendation package within five business days of receiving preliminary audit file to: for review.
    • Subject line: Recommendation for Certification - <Employer's Operating Name>
  • Ensure the certification recommendation package includes:
    • employer's Audit Application in Excel format
    • completed Audit Quality Assurance Review Record
    • final audit file.
  • Receive approval from SAFE Work Manitoba within three business days of submitting the certification recommendation package. Timing for this will depend on the completion of the Auditor Evaluation via Survey Monkey and when it is received from the employer.
  • Email* a copy of the audit file to the employer and to the auditor.
  • Receive an electronically-signed copy of the Executive Summary Report via email from the employer once the auditor conducts the close-out meeting.
  • Ensure the employer also emails the signed copy of the Executive Summary Report to:
  • Maintain records of the final audit file, electronically-signed Executive Summary Report and Audit Quality Assurance Review Record.​​


​Award certification

  • ​​Receive an email from SAFE Work Manitoba with the employer's SAFE Work Certified certification date  within one business day from when SAFE Work Manitoba receives the electronically-signed Executive Summary Report.
  • Communicate to the employer their SAFE Work Certified certification date within three business days of receiving the date from SAFE Work Manitoba.
  • Create and provide a copy of the SAFE Work Certified certificate to the employer within 30 business days of receiving the employer's SAFE Work Certified certification date.​​​


​Obtain action plan from employer

  • Email a copy of the Action Plan Template to the employer within three business days of receiving the SAFE Work Certified certification date from SAFE Work Manitoba.
  • Work with the employer to develop their action plan based on the areas identified for improvement during the SAFE Work Certified audit.
  • Receive and review, within 90 days of providing the Action Plan Template, a copy of the employer's completed action plan.
  • Maintain a record of all employer action plans.
*Please refer to the Privacy Policy #8 Safeguarding Personal Information when sending emails.​ 

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