Roadmap for SAFE Work Certified

Roadmap for SAFE Work Certified

​​​​​Becoming SAFE Work Certified shows your commitment to creating a safer work environment for your workers and a commitment to developing a safety culture within your organization.

The SAFE Work Certified Program is comprised of a set of safety standards defined by SAFE Work Manitoba that are intended to promote a safer work environment and a strong safety culture for employers throughout Manitoba.

This roadmap outlines the steps (see details of each below the image​) to becoming SAFE Work Certified (click the image to download the PDF):

Roadmap to SAFE Work Certified ​​

1. Apply to the Program​


2. Participate in Training

  • Work with your CP to identify workers from your organization who should attend each course to maximize their effectiveness.
  • The four required courses include:
    • Principles of Workplace Safety and Health Management
    • Safety and Health Leadership
    • Worker Participation in Safety and Health Certification
    • Auditing for Certification (Maintenance Auditor)
  • The SAFE Work Certified courses have been developed in collaboration with, and delivered by, your CP. These courses are designed to educate employers and their workers on how to:

    • develop and implement, or assess, their safety and health management system (SHMS)
    • create a safer work environment
    • develop a strong culture of safety
    • conduct maintenance audits to meet the requirements for the SAFE Work Certified Program.​​​


3. Implement, Update and/or Address Gaps in Your Safety and Health Management System (SHMS)

  • ​Work with your CP to design, implement, update and/or address gaps in your safety and health management system with the goal of meeting the SAFE Work Certified standard, a safer work environment for your employees and a strong safety culture.​​​


4. Pass a SAFE Work Certified Audit

  • ​Meet the requirements of a SAFE Work Certified audit to become SAFE Work Certified.
  • Participate in the audit performed by a SAFE Work Certified auditor.

NOTE: SAFE Work Certified is valid for three years provided annual maintenance requirements are met.

For more information, see Pass a SAFE Work Certified Audit.

​5. Complete an Annual Maintenance Audit

  • ​​Complete an annual maintenance audit prior to your certification anniversary date each year to maintain your eligibility for the Prevention Rebate Program and to maintain your SAFE Work Certified status.

For example: If you became certified in June 2017, you would need to complete your maintenance audit prior to June 2018 in order to be eligible for your first Prevention Rebate payment and to maintain your SAFE Work Certified status.

NOTE: maintenance audits are conducted by your maintenance auditor(s) or by a SAFE Work Certified auditor.

For more information, see Conduct an Annual Maintenance Audit.​​

6. Receive the Prevention Rebate

  • The Prevention Rebate is the greater of 15 per cent of your last WCB premium, or $3,000 for smaller employers, to a maximum of 75 per cent of your premium.
  • Ensure you meet all eligibility requirements to receive the Prevention Rebate, including maintaining your SAFE Work Certified status, annual reporting of your payroll and total hours worked by all workers.
  • Receive the Prevention Rebate in the year following your first SAFE Work Certified anniversary date.​​
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