Youth Contest Winners

Youth Contest Winners

Looking for inspiration for your winning youth contest entry? Look no further! Here is a round-up of past years' winning eyouth contest 2017 first place winners.jpgntries.

Winning entries for 2017​

1st place winners - Technical Vocational High School

Students from Tec Voc organized an in-school event to educate their fellow students about workplace hazards such as welding flash, grease fires and ladder safety. Watch their video: Safety Day at Tec Voc High School to learn more.

2nd place winners - Daniel MacIntyre Collegiate Institute

Students from Daniel Mac created a video: It's Your Right to Set Things Right. This video went on to win 2nd place in the Canadian Centre of Occupational Health and Safety's (CCOHS) It's Your Job Contest.

3rd Place winners - Technical Vocational High School

Students from Tec Voc created a social media campaign to help raise awareness among young workers on some of the risks at work. This campaign included memes and videos, including Ann's Story.

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