Shop Talk: First Aid

Shop Talk: First Aid

​What will we do today to prevent an inci​​dent?

​​​​Prompt first aid can be the crucial component to save a life and/or limb. By performing first aid, a worker is cared for before A worker with a first aid kit attends to a person with an injured leg. being transported to a hospital.

What’s the ha​zard? 

It is important to assess the hazards at your workplace and ensure that workers who are trained to perform first aid are aware of the potential hazards. Multiple hazards may exist at a workplace. 

What can happ​​​en? 

Sam and Tim work in a carpentry shop of approximately 75 people. They both have intermediate first aid training. They were both on shift when they heard a coworker call for help. Sally slipped off of a flatbed truck and fell to the ground. Sam and Tim both arrive on scene to find Sally on the foor. Sally was complaining of significant pain in her back. 

Based on the scenario abo​​ve, here are some questions that could be used to spark discussion: 

  1. What steps would you take when arriving on scene? 
  2. How can you help? 
  3. Why is first aid valuable in this situation? 

Why is it important that there ar​​e first aiders on site to care for ill or injured workers? 

When an emergency or urgent situation occurs, the first aider can assist the worker immediately. The following should be considered: 
  • Call 911 for assistance (if needed). 

  • Know where your first aid kits can be accessed and supplies are replenished as required. 

  • Assess for any additional hazards before providing first aid and use appropriate PPE. 

  • Maintain a calm demeanor, but take control of the situation.

Initial first aid is important to prevent further injury/ consequence. 
  • Continue to stabilize the injured person until help arrives. 

  • Stay with the injured person until Paramedics arrive on scene. 

Other resources: 

Some additional resources on first aid include​.

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