Hazard Alert: Violence in the Workplace

Hazard Alert: Violence in the Workplace

Recently, a Manitoban in the service sector was brutally assaulted on the job.

SAFE Work Manitoba reminds employers that it is mandatory for workplaces to develop and follow a violence prevention policy if they provide certain public/health/social services. Part 11 of the Workplace Safety and Health Regulation (Violence in the Workplace) outlines the types of workplaces that must develop a violence prevention policy, along with details of the policy requirements.

The violence prevention policy must set out the actions and measures that an employer will take to eliminate the risk of violence to a worker or to control that risk, if it is not reasonably practicable to eliminate it. The policy must also include measures to summon immediate assistance when a violent or threatening situation occurs.

All employers, including those not providing public services, must still assess the risk of violence to workers in their workplaces. This assessment must be done in consultation with the workplace safety and health committee or representative at the workplace. If a workplace does not have such a committee or representative, consultation must be with the workers in the workplace. If this assessment identifies a risk of violence, employers are required to develop and put a violence prevention policy in place to protect their workers.

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