Element 9: Investigations

Element 9: Investigations

The objective of an investigation is to identify hazards that have not been properly controlled and implement measures to prevent similar injuries from occurring. All investigations need to be conducted by persons trained to review for root causes. The results of the investigation need to be documented in a report that includes corrective actions. Ensure workers are informed of any corrective actions that have taken place as a result of the incident.

Incidents related to psychological trauma should be handled in the same manner keeping in mind the impact to the workers involved or who may have witnessed the incident. Early medical attention or counselling intervention has been shown to be effective in supporting workers who have been impacted by psychological trauma.

When investigating incidents related to harassment and violence, consideration will need to be given to maintain confidentiality. Only persons trained in handling these types of incidents should conduct the investigation. The results of these types of incidents need to be kept confidential.

Watch this video, which covers the basics of conducting workplace investigations.

Having an accessible incident report form that incorporates psychological safety and health will help in the investigation process. Please see the sample on page 140 of the Assembling the Pieces Guide.

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