Element 8: Training

Element 8: Training

All workers need to be trained on how to safely perform their jobs. They should be provided with a safety and health orientation as well as job-specific training. Workers require safety training when starting a job, if they change positions within the company, or if new equipment or procedures are implemented. Psychological safety and health in the workplace is another component of training and can be embedded into existing training (e.g., new worker orientations). As with any other training, it is important to follow up to ensure the safety and health procedures are understood and complied with.

Training specific to psychological health and safety should be provided:

Employers, supervisors and workers can also get awareness on psychological health and safety in the workplace from the following organizations:

CMHA: http://www.cmha.ca/mental-health/understanding-mental-illness/
OHC: http://mflohc.mb.ca/healthy-workplace-practices/

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