Driving Summary

Driving Summary

Each year Manitoba workers are killed while driving work related vehicles. Section 4 of the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulation states that employers must ensure that all work is carried out without undue risk of injury or occupational disease to any person. This includes workers required to drive vehicles and includes the use of ATVs and snowmobiles.

Driving is something that most of us do frequently and it can become second nature. But, because driving becomes second nature, we don't always think about the commonly associated hazards.

There are a number of different regulations that may impact drivers and their employers depending on what type of vehicle is being used and why. Applicable WS&H Regulations should be identified to help employers and workers take the required steps to help prevent injuries and incidents related to driving. Regulations could impact a variety of procedures and requirements for drivers and employers including but not limited to:

  • personal protective equipment
  • first aid kit and portable eye wash equipment
  • fire extinguisher and proper training
  • work alone plan especially when driving in isolated or remotes areas
  • fire and explosives protection such as safe storage and handling of gasoline containers, compressed gas cylinders, and other potentially hazardous materials
  • musculoskeletal injury prevention for manual materials handling, safe lifting, proper vehicle dismount
  • potential work activities related to driving such as changing a flat tire, refueling, etc.
  • emergency situations due to inclement weather, traffic collisions, community or traffic violence or vehicle breakdown.

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