Bulletin 143: Isocyanates in Paints

Bulletin 143: Isocyanates in Paints

Potential hazard:

Inhaling isocyanates may sensitize a person, causing an asthma-like reaction. This reaction may occur within days of exposure or may take months or years to develop. Once sensitized, a person is likely to experience recurring shortness of breath upon repeated exposure. 

Direct skin contact with isocyanates may cause rashes, blistering and reddening of the skin. Repeated skin contact may cause skin sensitization. 

‚ÄčExposure to airborne isocyanates can cause eye irritation and temporary blurred vision. Direct contact with the eye may cause cornea damage. 

How to control the hazard:

When working with isocyanates, inhalation and contact with the skin or eyes can be avoided by using adequate personal protective equipment (PPE).

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