About Us

About Us

​​​​​​SAFE Work Manitoba, a division of the WCB,​ is dedicated to the
prevention of workplace injury and illness. Working with our partners in the safety community, we provide prevention education, safety programming​ and strategic direction to create a genuine culture of safety for all Manitobans.


Our Values​

At SAFE Work Manitoba, we are focused on reducing workplace injury and illness. ​

We actively build collaborative internal and external relationships.

At SAFE Work Manitoba, we value, foster and encourage each other's contributions and potential. We celebrate our achievements as a team.

SAFE Work Manitoba is a place where people are clear about what needs to be done and are committed to and accountable for doing it.

SAFE Work Manitoba is a forward-thinking prevention leader committed to being at the forefront of Manitoba's safety and health landscape.

SAFE Work Manitoba leaders communicate a shared vision and direction through words and actions.

SAFE Work Manitoba shares the WCB's vision of 'A safer Manitoba that fosters prevention and return to work.'
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