Safety Champion: Bison Transport's Robert Rudyk

Safety Champion: Bison Transport's Robert Rudyk

Robert RudykAs a 2.5-Million-Mile Safe Driving Achiever who has never been involved in an incident, Robert Rudyk believes strongly that safety is a priority and a key factor to a successful business.

Rob started his career at Bison Transport as an owner-operator in 1996. In 2011, he took on the role of in-cab instructor, and in 2013, he became a full-time instructor following a two-year stint as a volunteer. Over the years, Rob has demonstrated an ability to influence health and safety policies and practices. He has also played a key role in establishing a strong safety culture at Bison Transport.

His dedication to safety is top-notch, as observed in his daily interactions with employees and his involvement in workplace safety and health. Apart from his direct involvement in the New Driver Safety Orientation and Driver Finishing Program, he was a two-term member of the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) from 2012 to 2016. During his time as a JHSC member, Rob actively participated in workplace inspections, hazard identification, development of control measures and safe work procedures. He is an active participant in the development of safety training videos for the organization. In 2014, he received an Industrial Excellence Award from the Manitoba Trucking Association.

Safety Should Become a Habit

Asked to describe his philosophy regarding health and safety, he says, “As a professional driver, you are responsible for your safety and the safety of others on the road. I ensure drivers understand what safety as a professional driver means, and teach the importance of safe driving to enable them to get home safely. I have seen a lot of incidents and devastation on the road, and I teach that to all drivers. Safety should become a habit even after achieving a safe milestone.”

The advice he gives to his students is to always be patient and take the time needed to complete a task. He is often quoted as saying, “Always be professional in all you do.” He strongly advocates for employees to use the organization’s right to decide (RTD) policy. “Bison views safety as a key part of their process with the RTD policy. And, of course, this makes it easy to integrate that philosophy into training.”

Changing Perspectives

In order to succinctly capture his stance on the importance of safety, he tells the story of an incident that changed his perspective on safety. “Before my time at Bison Transport, I was driving with another company and witnessed an incident where a truck driver hit a car head-on, resulting in the death of the truck driver and the driver of the other vehicle.” Being at the scene of the incident before the emergency crew arrived was an eye opener, he said.

Rob is currently writing a book on safety in the transportation industry for new drivers.

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