Take Our Kids to Work Day 2023

Take Our Kids to Work Day 2023

​​We all have a role to play to ensu​re the safety of our kids during Take Our Kids to Work Day.

This year's Take Our Kids to Work Day is Wednesday, November 1, 2023. Take Our Kids to Work Day is recognized annually and provides Grade 9 students with an opportunity to explore careers and workplaces in Manitoba. At SAFE Work Manitoba, we are committed to ensuring this opportunity is a positive and safe experience for students and for workplaces.

Every workplace has hazards – and the risk of a work-related injury is greater for new workers and visitors who may not have received a complete orientation to a workplace's hazards. For Take Our Kids to Work Day, there are steps that schools, employers, parents and students should take to ensure kids have a productive, educational and, most importantly, an injury-free day in the workplace. 

Teachers: Get free SAFE Work Manitoba toques for your students​ 

As part of Take Our Kids to Work Day, SAFE Work Manitoba is offering toques to Grade 9 students as a reminder to make safe work a part of your preparation and activities.

UPDATE: all toques sold out! Thank you for your support!

​Resources to help kee​p kids safe

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