Safe Work: An Important Part of Preventing Injuries

Safe Work: An Important Part of Preventing Injuries

December 2021

A Manitoba employer recently pleaded guilty to:
  • Section 4(1)(a) of the Workplace Safety and Health Act C.C.S.M. c. W210 to the charge of failing to ensure that a guardrail system was in place to protect workers from falling through a second floor stairwell opening.
 A worker at a residential construction site was stapling mesh onto a wall on the second floor when he stepped off the edge of an unguarded stairwell and fell approximately 10.5 feet.

Following the investigation by Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) officials, the employer was fined $15,000 and an additional $1,500 penalty payable to WSH to be used to educate the public about occupational safety and health. 

Understanding employer responsibilities related to safety and health is an important part of preventing injuries in the workplace. SAFE Work Manitoba offers injury prevention information, including the Fall Protection Guide.

Find more information here on workplace safety and health prosecutions.

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