Safe Work: An Important Part of Preventing Injuries

Safe Work: An Important Part of Preventing Injuries

​​​November 2020

A Manitoba employer recently pleaded guilty to:

  • ​Section 22.2(a) of the Workplace Safety and Health Regulations, M.R. 217/2006, to the charge of failing to develop and/or implement safe work procedures for the use of powered mobile equipment in the workplace.
A worker was attempting to free a gravel truck and trailer, which were stuck at a gravel pit. As the worker was attaching a tow chain to the front of the truck, a second worker operating an excavator began to push the trailer. The worker's jacket sleeve became entangled in the wheel of the truck, causing critical injuries.

The employer was fined $17,500.

Understanding employer responsibilities related to safety and health is an important part of preventing injuries in the workplace. SAFE Work Manitoba offers injury prevention information, including the following:

Find more information here on workplace safety and health prosecutions.

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