SAFE Work Awards

SAFE Work Awards

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SAFE Work AwardsEach year, SAFE Work Manitoba recognizes Manitoba individuals, safety and health committees, and companies/organizations that demonstrate a strong commitment to the health and safety of their workers. ​

Submission criteria

Awards are given in three categories: SAFEty Culture Award, Worker SAFEty Award, and SAFEty and Health Committee Award (scroll down for descriptions and nomination forms for each award). Applicants are required to complete an online nomination form that outlines how the nominee has fulfilled the requirements of the nomination category. Judges base their decision on the nomination form, as well as our compliance criteria. Please review the compliance criteria by clicking here​ to make sure your nominee is eligible.   

The contest closing date is June 23​, 2023 at 4:00 p.m., based on the time in Winnipeg, Manitoba.​

Award categories

SAFEty Culture Award — This award goes to a workplace with a positive safety culture. Workplaces with positive safety cultures ensure that: safety and health concerns are addressed, leaders are committed to safety and health, trust and respect are essential in the work environment, everyone in the organization feels personally committed to and accountable for safety and health, the work environment is inclusive, and continuous learning is a feature of the organization. Anyone can nominate a workplace for a SAFEty Culture Award.

Worker SAFEty Award — This award goes to an individual who is committed to safe work and is not a safety professional. Your nominee should be a safety champion who goes above and beyond to make others aware of workplace safety and health. Nominees should strive every day to make their workplace safer for themselves and their co-workers. Nominations for the Worker SAFEty Award will be accepted from any other individual in the same workplace.

​SAFEty and H​​​ealth Committee Award​ — This award goes to a workplace safety and health committee that takes an active role in improving health and safety in the workplace. The committee members work as a team to spread safety and health messages and to resolve safety and health issues that arise. The committee's activities strengthen their workplace's culture of safety. Nominations for the SAFEty and Health Committee Award will be accepted from anyone in the workplace who is not a member of the committee. ​

​SAFE Work Award winners will be recognized at the annual Safetys gala. The gala will take place November 1 at the Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre. More details will be available soon at​.​

Questions about the SAFE Work Awards? Contact to get more information.

SAFE Work Award winners 

Check out our winners from 2013-2022.

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The 2023 gala will take place on November 1 at the Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre. More information is available at​

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