SAFE Work - An Important Part of Preventing Injuries - May 2018

SAFE Work - An Important Part of Preventing Injuries - May 2018

‚ÄčA Manitoba employer recently pleaded guilty under Section 2.7(1) of the Workplace Safety and Health Regulation, M.R. 217/2006 to the charge of failing to notify the branch immediately and by the fastest means available regarding the serious incident involving one of its workers.

A worker suffered a serious injury while using an oxygen acetylene cutting torch to cut the lid off of a metal 51-gallon barrel. The vapours entrapped in the barrel exploded as the barrel had not been properly purged of its flammable contents prior to the task being performed. Workplace Safety and Health Branch weren't notified until two days after the incident.

With respect to factors which led up to the incident, the employer successfully displayed that it had done its due diligence in satisfying its legal requirements in evaluating and addressing the risks associated with the task. However, the employer did acknowledge that it did contravene legislation by not reporting the incident in a timely manner. The employer was fined $10,075.

Understanding employer and worker responsibilities related to safety and health is an important part of preventing injuries.

SAFE Work Manitoba offers information on reporting serious incidents, as well as information on:

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