"Call the WCB" Ad Campaign Raises Awareness of Reporting Responsibilities

"Call the WCB" Ad Campaign Raises Awareness of Reporting Responsibilities

Hurt at work? Call the WCB

The WCB is launching an advertising campaign this month to remind Manitobans to report workplace injuries to the WCB.

Building on the "Reporting Matters" campaign that first ran in 2014, this year's ads will promote the benefits of reporting injuries for workers and remind employers of the essential role prompt reporting plays in a speedy return to health and work for their employees.

"Employers and workers need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities when someone is injured at work so that the integrity of the workers compensation system in Manitoba is protected," says Warren Preece, Director of Communications at the WCB. "Additionally, when injuries are reported promptly, workers can return to health and work more quickly and we can minimize the disruption to their lives and to Manitoba workplaces."

You will find the new WCB ads on television, bus shelters, radio, in print, online and in doctors' offices. Also new this year, the WCB has launched an interactive online tool that helps workers find out if they are eligible for WCB coverage. The tool, available at www.wcb.mb.ca/campaigns, helps workers identify in which industry they work and whether or not they are eligible for benefits if they're ever hurt on the job.

Everyone has a responsibility within the workers compensation system. For more resources on how to report an injury - including web videos in seven languages - visit www.wcb.mb.ca/campaigns. To request workplace posters, brochures or other information on how to report an injury, email wcb@wcb.mb.ca

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