Psychological Health and Safety for Employers

Psychological Health and Safety for Employers

Course ​Description

People in Canada spend a significant amount of time in the workplace, making its potential impact on our mental health substantial. This course builds upon the learning from introductory courses (Psychological Health and Safety Awareness and Reducing Mental Health Stigma in the Workplace) to gi​​​ve employers a deeper understanding of the roles, responsibilities and factors in creating a psychologically safe workplace.

Topics include:

This course teaches participants the RACE model for improving workplace psychological health and safety:


  • Why employers should prioritize psychological health and safety
  • How mental health issues affect workers
  • How promoting psychological health and safety reduces costs
  • Stigma as a barrier


  • Psychosocial factors affecting psychological health and safety in the workplace. These include: work-life balance, reasonable and clear job demands, feeling valued, respected, and supported, feeling safe at work, having challenging and engaging work, and support for growth and development


  • Implement control measures to assess each psychosocial factor


  • The effectiveness of controls​

Upon completion of the course you will know how to:

  • Recognize why psychological health and safety is important
  • Gain support for psychological health initiatives across your organization
  • Assess the psychological health and safety of your workplace
  • Understand how different psychosocial factors relate to the psychological health of the workplace, and how to create an environment where workers feel supported
  • Apply appropriate control measures to address psychosocial factors and improve the psychological health and safety of your workplace
  • Evaluate control measures for continuous improvement​

Target Audience:

This course is recommended for employers and leaders interested in learning about mental health and psychological safety at work. This course is suitable for organizations of all sizes, across all industries and occupations.

Course Details

Format: e-Course
Duration: 2 hours
Language: English/French

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