Mental Health: Health and Wellness Strategies

Mental Health: Health and Wellness Strategies

The workplace is one of the key environments that affect our mental well-being and our health. While there is an acknowledgement and growing awareness of the role of the workplace in promoting or hindering mental wellness, employees can also take their own steps towards mental fitness.

This course will empower you to improve your own mental well-being by building a strong resilience to stress - a process referred to as mental fitness. Through learning how to leverage the power of the body's response to stress and by practicing specific lifestyle habits, you can elevate your health and performance while effectively managing high levels of stress.

Upon completion of the course you will be able to:
  • Recognize your signs, symptoms and sources of stress
  • Describe the impact that stress has on your health and performance
  • Define mental fitness and specific ways to improve and maintain it
  • Elevate your health and performance through lifestyle habits that promote mental well-being.
Average time to complete this course is approximately one hour.

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Target Audience​​​
This course is recommended for employers, employees, managers, and supervisors interested in mental health in the workplace.


Review Process
CCOHS courses are unique in that they are developed by subject specialists in the field, and reviewed by representatives from labour, employers and government to ensure the content and approach are unbiased and credible.

High Point Wellness Partnership
CCOHS and High Point Wellness Centre have partnered to create this series of e-courses on mental health in the workplace. High Point Wellness has over 80 years of experience in the Canadian and American market places providing health care solutions for a variety of public & private industries, insurance sectors, workers' compensation and consulting organizations. For more information, visit

Course Details
Format: e-Course
Duration: 1 hour
Language: French/English

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