COVID-19: Best Practices for a Safe Workplace

COVID-19: Best Practices for a Safe Workplace

​​Get trained on the​ newest workplace hazard, COVID-19. 

SAFE Work Manitoba is offering a free online training course called COVID-19: Best Practices for a Safe Workplace. This interactive online course provides simple instruction to help prepare workers on how to reduce the risk of catching or spreading COVID-19 in the workplace, keeping themselves, their co-workers and their customers safe. The 40-minute course complies with provincial health guidelines and teaches workers how to apply the 4 Ps of COVID-19 workplace safety:
  • Physical distancing - Limit close contact with others
  • Personal hygiene - Ensure hands and objects are clean
  • Physical environment - Steps you take to reduce the risk
  • PPE - Personal Protective Equipment use

The course will be delivered through the SkillsPass learning platform, which allows employers to assign it to workers and track completions. Upon completing the training, each worker is issued a COVID-19: Best Practices for a Safe Workplace e-certificate that can be shared/scanned or printed and posted for customers and co-workers to see. 

Target Audience

This course is recommended for workers and employers in any industry.​

​Take the course or assign it to your workers.​*

​​​*Please note, this course requires new account information and activation through SkillsPass.​

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