Be SAFE: Working Alone or In Isolation

Be SAFE: Working Alone or In Isolation

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​​​​Jeff Shaw

Jeff Shaw, B.Sc., CHSC
Prevention Consultant​,
SAFE Work Ma​​​​nitoba

Jeff Shaw has a bachelor of science degree in agriculture from the University of Manitoba and currently holds a Certified Health and Safety Consultant designation through the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers. With a background in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors, he works with various industries and employers in the Westman and Parkland areas providing training and consulting services.​

Original air date: March 30, 2022

Do you have a working alone plan for workers working alone or in isolation?  Is the plan working as it is intended too? Does your plan comply with legislative requirements?     

Working alone or in isolation can be high-hazard, but being proactive and having preventative measures in place can mean the difference between life and death. This webinar provides an overview of what employers are required to have in place for workers working alone or in isolation according to Manitoba's Workplace Safety and Health Regulations. 

This webinar covers:
  • Identifying working alone situations 
  • Assessing the risk of these situations
  • Implementing controls to mitigate risk 
Take away practical tips to enhance your working alone plan to ensure workers can work safely in these situations. 

​​Visit our safety topic page​ for more resources related to working alone or in isolation.
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