When We Work Together, SAFE Work...Works

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Injury rates inWhen we work together, SAFE Work...works Manitoba are at an all-time low – and collaboration is a big reason why.

Working together, SAFE Work Manitoba and the province's industry-based safety programs (IBSPs) are making our workplaces safer and healthier.

IBSPs are providing first-class training and other safety services, and awareness of workplace safety and health is growing.​ These much-valued IBSPs are:​:​


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    RPM Trucking Industry Safety

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Made Safe​​​

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Over the last decade, the provincial time loss injury rate has fallen from a high of 4.2 time loss injuries per 100 workers to 2.9 – a drop of 31 per cent over the period.

How else can you tell SAFE Work is working? Here are a few examples:
  • Time loss injuries in Manitoba's construction sector are down to their lowest point in 10 years. In 2008, there were 2,115 time loss injuries in the sector; by the end of 2018, the number was down to 1,745.
  • Manufacturing injuries are down by half over the same period. That represents almost 2,000 fewer injuries.
  • Sprains and strains have dropped by 44 per cent.

Changing the culture of safety takes a team effort. With six IBSPs, employers and workers joining forces with SAFE Work Manitoba, injury numbers will drop even lower. When we work together, SAFE Work…works!

SAFE Work Manitoba has resources to help you and your colleagues continue working towards safer, healthier workplaces.
For management:
​For workers:

Bulletin 184: Resolving Safety Concerns

Bulletin 255: Safety and Health Orientation Requirements

• My Safety and Health Checklist

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