Safe Workers Aren't Born, They're Trained

​​​​​​​​​​​Regardless of a worker's age or experienSAFE Workers Aren't Born, They're Trainedce, sending them to do a job without training is like sending a young child to do that same job.

Our most recent campaign uses an impactful metaphor to illustrate the importance of training new employees to do their job safely. Working together, SAFE Work Manitoba and the province's industry-based safety programs (IBSPs) provide first-class training to help workplaces across the province make sure that all workers, regardless of age or experience, make it home safe.

Find industry specific training with your IBSP:

Construction Safety Association of Manitoba logo


​​Construction Safety Association of Manitoba

Manitoba Heavy Construction Association WORKSAFELY logo


RPM - Risk Professionally Managed logo

RPM Trucking Industry Safety

Made Safe logo


​​Made Safe

Sales and Service Safety Association

Manitoba Farm Safety

Manitoba Farm Safety

Union members - check your union's website or speak to a representative to learn more about any health and safety training they may provide.

Not part of an IBSP? SAFE Work Manitoba provides a wide range of training options online and in a classroom setting:

E-learning      Workshop Descriptions

SAFE Work Manitoba also has resources to help you talk about training in your workplace:

For supervisors and employers:
For workers:

It doesn't matter whether a worker is 17 or 57, sending them to do a job without the appropriate training is as dangerous as sending a young child to do that same job. Talk about training in your workplace.

SAFE Workers Aren't Born, They're Trained.​

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