SAFEty is a Language We Can All Speak

Safety is a language we can ALL speak

It's hard to understand safety when you don't understand the language.

That's why SAFE Work Manitoba has resources in 19 different languages. These resources are provided to:
  • help workers understand their rights
  • help employers carry out training and orientation.

Because safety is a language we can ALL speak.

Featured Multi-Language Resources:

You can find even more safety resources by clicking on a language below:

English,    French/ Français,   Arabic/ العربية,  Chinese/ 简体中文,   Cree / Ininímówin,    German/ Deutsch,    Greek / eλληνικά,    Italian/Italiano,   Korean/ 한국어
Ojibwe/ Anishinaabemowin,   Polish/ Polski,   Portuguese/ Português,  Punjabi/ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ,   Russian/ pусский,   Spanish/ Español,   Tagalog,  Tamil/ தமிழ்,   

Ukrainian/ українська,   Vietnamese/ Việtngữ

Employer Responsibilities

Everybody has the right to a SAFE workplace. Each worker needs the correct training to do their job safely and to be able to understand that training. Safety and health orientations must be provided before a new worker begins work at a workplace or when a worker returns to a workplace where the hazards have changed during an absence. See the Related Resources section below for information to help establish and maintain a safe workplace.

Make sure everyone in your workplace can speak the language of safety!

We’ve got campaign posters – and other resources – in 19 languages. Order a poster or any of the multi-language resources featured above for your workplace and you will be entered to win a $30 Tim Hortons gift card for each member of your workplace safety and health committee. Email your request to

View the contest rules.

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