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​​Keep Your Rage Off The Road: SAFE Roads Summer 2021

Keep Your Rage Off The Road is the theme for the 2021 SAFE Roads summer campaign. Road rage is increasingly threatening people who work our roadways. Workers have been injured, with even more near misses, because motorists are impatient driving through construction zones, around emergency/utility workers and other roadwork crews.

In 2021, tensions are running higher than usual. There’s never a good reason for taking out your frustration on the road —
 especially not on the people who work on or near the roads. They’re just doing their jobs, and you can help by just slowing down and​ driving cautiously when you’re near them. Keep your rage off the road. That’s the message from the SAFE Roads committee to Manitoba drivers this year. Click here to read the full media release​, and see below for the videos created for the campaign:​


Greetings from Ron Schuler, Minister of Infrastructure


​Greetings from Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman


​Greetings from Richard Deacon, President and CEO of Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba


SAFE Roads Winter 2021 campaign​​​​​​​

Stay back and stay safe. The SAFE Roads Winter 2021 campaign asks drivers to watch for heavy equipment clearing snow on our roads. Loaders are large and change directions frequently. Collisions with such large equipment are dangerous. Staying clear keeps drivers safe, and allows the crew to clear the roadways more quickly.


​2020 SAFE Roads campaign launch

The 2020 SAFE Roads campaign officially launched Wednesday, May 20, 2020, with the theme of Slow Down. We Work Where You Drive. This annual campaign reminds motorists to lower their speed and drive with extra caution as the summer construction season brings more workers to Manitoba roadways. Click here to read the full news release, and see below for video messages created for the 2020 launch:

​​Chris Lorenc –  President of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association & Chair of the SAFE Roads Committee​


Ron Schuler – Minister of Infrastructure​


Brian Bowman –​ Mayor of Winnipeg


​​Jamie Hall – Chief Operating Officer, SAFE Work Manitoba​


​​​Slow Down: We Work Where You DriveAbout the SAFE Roads Campaign: Asking Motorists to Help Protect Workers' Safety

The SAFE Roads Manitoba Committee is a community initiative led by key public/private stakeholders committed to educating and encouraging motorists to engage in respectful and safe driving practices.

Established in 2004,the SAFE Roads vision is to educate motorists and the general public in following safe and respectful driving practices - protecting the safety of construction workers, utility company staff, emergency services personnel, equipment operators and others who work on and adjacent to our roadways.

SAFE Roads is effectively delivering its key message, “Slow Down. We Work Where You Drive,” to its audiences. Our research shows that the vast majority of people who have seen and/or heard the SAFE Roads campaign message are more considerate and understanding of workers and their designated work zones.

This initiative is helping to expand the safety message. As motorists, we have a responsibility to ensure those with whom we share the road get home safely at the end of each day. An open road can pose safety issues for anyone, especially when the road is your workplace and a steady stream of heavy vehicles rushes past you every day.

SAFE Roads is a joint safety effort of the following community stakeholders:

  • City of Winnipeg Public Works
  • City of Brandon
  • Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM)
  • Heavy Equipment and Aggregate Truckers (HEAT)
  • Manitoba Government Employees Union (MGEU)
  • Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (MHCA)
  • Manitoba Hydro
  • Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation (MIT)
  • Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI)
  • Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA)
  • Office of the Fire Commissioner
  • SAFE Work Manitoba
  • Winnipeg Fire & Paramedics Service (WFPS)
  • Winnipeg Police Service (WPS)
Some of the SAFE Roads committee members shared their stories about why it’s so important for drivers to understand when workers are present. Construction, utility, emergency and snow clearing workers all work where we drive.

Chris Lorenc

President, Manitoba Heavy Construction Association & Chair, SAFE Roads Committee


Jamie Hall
Chief Operating Officer, SAFE Work Manitoba


Brad Yochim
President, Manitoba Association of Fire Chiefs


Ron Ireland
Safety Coordinator, City of Winnipeg, Public Works Department


Matt Menard
Workplace Safety Officer, Manitoba Hydro


Joe Dooley
Maintenance Worker, Manitoba Infrastructure


​Contact Us

For more information about the SAFE Roads campaign, please contact MHCA at 204-947-1379.

​The SAFE Roads Committee is a voluntary association of key stakeholders committed to educating motorists and the general public to respect SAFE driving policies to protect the safety of construction, utility and emergency services personnel and other who work kin or adjacent to the public right of way by driving safety and respectfully past these workers.

The SAFE Roads vision is to educate motorists and the general public in following respectful and safe driving practices - protecting the safety of construction workers, utility company staff, emergency services personnel, equipment operators and others who work on and adjacent to our roadways.

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