Level Up 2.0 Virtual Reality

​​​​​A teenage girl playing a virtual reality game wearing VR gogglesThe Level Up 2.0 campaign builds on the momentum of last year's where we asked young Manitobans to “level up” their workplace safety knowledge in a variety of virtual reality (VR) scenarios before they get their first job

​The campaign also engages youth to learn about their rights and responsibilities as a worker to help them stay safe on the job.​

​VR Experience – Level Up Your Safety Knowledge and win!

The campaign focuses on youth seeing what real safety hazards look like through our virtual reality game, Level Up. Level Up puts them right in the middle of a job site riddled with hazards, and it's their job to find and fix them. Play the game and win! You can also join in the Level Up VR tour at participating venues to play the game in person – check out levelupmb.ca for dates.

Messages for youth, parents and employers

Each of us plays a role in preparing young workers with knowledge and training to stay safe on the job. We all need to level up our safety skills to encourage young workers to ask questions and to ensure they understand how to perform their work safely.

The Level Up 2.0​ campaign is a new way to view the workplace with fresh eyes. It may also remind some of us of our first jobs, risks we wouldn't take today, or the close calls that could have changed our lives forever.

Youth: learn how to identify hazards and become more familiar with the expectations for safe work.

Parents: see the workplace through fresh eyes and start the conversation with your kids about workplace safety.

Employers: understand the needs of young workers and how you can best communicate workplace safety issues with them.

What you can do

Visit Level U​p 2.0 to play the game (and enter the contest)! 

Get the skills you need to "level up" your workplace safety knowledge with resources for youth, parents or employers. View our resources and Level Up 2.0's other exciting features to earn more contest entries.

Play Level Up VR in person and view our safety resources. When you play Level Up VR, share your experience on social media with the hashtag #LevelUpMB to be featured on the website and be sure to follow Level Up and SAFE Work Manitoba on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Scroll down to watch the campaign video.

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