Everyone Benefits from SAFE Work

​​​The Everyone Benefits from SAFE Work campaign reminds us that investing in safety benefits everyone, from front-line workers, to supervisors and managers, all the way up to the CEO.

Safety is good for business, because employers who invest in workplace safety see a positive return on investment.​

​Our campaign features Black Cat Wear Parts, a Manitoba manufacturer who can give a first-hand account of how their safety investments saved them money, made their workplace safer and healthier for all staff, and reduced their workplace injuries:

  • Watch the videos: Scroll down to watch the TV commercial, as well as extended testimonials from Black Cat Wear Parts management and staff about how safety benefits them.
  • Read the Safety Champions story: Learn more about Black Cat Wear Parts' musculoskeletal injury prevention program by clicking here.  

What you can do

SAFE Work benefits everyone, and everyone can contribute to the safety of their workplace. SAFE Work Manitoba and its partners offer programming, consulting and resources to help you fulfill your roles and responsibilities in a safe workplace, including:

For employers:

For workers:

Download the campaign poster, and see below for even more resources. 

Watch and you could win!

Contest is now closed. Encourage your colleagues to enter our contest and you could all share in a pizza lunch and a subscription to OHS magazine! Follow SAFE Work Manitoba on Facebook and Instagram to answer some fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice questions about the Black Cat Wear Parts videos. There are many opportunities to enter the contest throughout the four-week campaign (July 3 to July 25, 2018), so check back regularly! Download the campaign poster to advertise the contest in your workplace.


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